Chuvareu resumes this Saturday +news by
June 3rd, 2017, 1:46 pm
Ok so, after a small hiatus, I'll resume to post Chuvareu pages this Saturday,
However, there'll be a small change of plans!

Istead of posting twice per month like I was doing, I'll back to my original plan of updating once per month. A double update may happen but it's unlikely for now. I should have sticked on the original plan from the start but I got so excited about it aahaha Q w Q; sadly I can't keep this flowing well with double updates because I can't draw pages with such a speed and I think it's better to have a slow yet constant progress, than frequent hiatus. Also I want to keep the art quality. /nods/ I've learned it!

If someone is interested enough, I have created a trello board for Chuvareu: Here you can check the progress of the pages. If there's more than 3 (aka four or more) "ready to post" pages, then there'll be a double update on said month, like I was doing until now, if there isn't, then one regular update at the first Saturday of each month! This way I can stay on a "safe zone" and don't risk myself in don't have new pages at all. ( maybe I'll put a "permanent second update" as one of my Patreon goals like it was originally. would someone be interested in pledge for it?? welp, just an idea for now )

In the other Saturday I used to post a new page, I may post a concept or study related to the project ´ v ` it's not cool as a new page, but still relevant I guess! AH ALSO I have something planned that I think you all will enjoy~ Hopefully I can get everything prepared ASAP :3c

Okaaay I believe it covers everything! Thank you very much for checking and sticking with me and my project, this really means the world to me and I can't thank you all enough ♥

- cheers, stay kawaii